The Zwift Fondo Series has returned with a 6 monthly rides planned beginning November 11th.

Fondos are long group rides which some treat as races. The goal for everyone is to push hard while enjoying a challenging route with a large group of riders.

On Zwift you’ll have three options for route difficulty: Gran, Medio, and Bambino. November’s routes are:

  • Gran Fondo (A Group): Watopia Mega Pretzel – 107 km (66.5 miles), 1,642 m (5,387′) elevation
  • Medio Fondo (B Group):  Watopia Pretzel – 72.2 km (44.9 miles), 1,333 m (4,375′) elevation
  • Bambino Fondo (C Group): Watopia Three Sisters – 48.3 km (30 miles), 897 m (2,942′) elevation

Mark your calendar and join one of the four Fondo events scheduled for this weekend!

Unlock the Fondo Kits

All Zwifters who finish a Fondo route will unlock the official Zwift November Fondo kit. Each of the 6 Fondos from November to April will have a unique kit to unlock.

Upcoming Fondo Dates:

  • November 11
  • December 9
  • January 13
  • February 10
  • March 10
  • April 7

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