Just announced: VoxTour, a 5-stage ladies-only series designed by the Voxwomen ambassadors. Hundreds of women have already signed up for the early stages, so if you’re looking for a series of exciting ladies-only group rides/races, this is it!

Zwift says, “This is a unique experience perfect for women riders of all ages and skill levels. You can push the pace, or keep it mellow. Just find your pack and join the fun.”

Tour Stage Details

Each stage runs for two days, making this a 10-day tour. Each of the five Voxwomens ambassadors has selected a stage inspired by their own cycling careers, and they’ll join in the action as well!

  • Stage 1: Laura Winter’s Innsbruck 2018 UCI Worlds Course Short Lap Feb 16-17
    Distance: 23.6km (14.7 miles) Elevation Gain: 487m (1598′)
    “Innsbruck was one of my favorite stages last year – I love a fast, technical route, which also provides a challenge, and the climb in the 2018 World Championships route certainly did that! It’s a great ride to get stuck in to, tapping the pedals at a consistent and sustainable rhythm. I hope you all enjoy it too!”
  • Stage 2: Hannah Walker’s 2019 Harrogate Worlds Course (2 Laps) Feb 18-19
    Distance: 27.6km (17.2 miles) Elevation Gain: 480m (1574′)
    “I picked the Yorkshire 2019 UCI Worlds Harrogate circuit because I was able to go and watch the World Championships in person throughout the whole week. After the championship races I spent a lot of time in the Zwift Draft house watching the live Zwift racing at night time, and as you pass the Draft house on this route it reminds me of what a fantastic sporting spectacle Great Britain put on for the world championships, with thousands of people lining the streets despite the weather. It’s a course which enables you to challenge yourself on the climb but is super for a social ride with the wonderful Zwift community.”
  • Stage 3: Dani Rowe’s Greater London 8 Feb 20-21
    Distance: 23.8km (14.8 miles) Elevation Gain: 256m (840′)
    “London holds a special place in my heart when it comes to bike riding. It is where I won my Olympic Gold medal & always puts a smile on my face when I’m back riding my bike in the city. Additionally I love this course! It takes in so many iconic sights and also adds a challenging section towards the end with Box Hill!”
  • Stage 4: Jess Pratt’s 2015 Richmond Worlds Course + 8km Feb 22-23
    Distance 24km (14.9 miles) Elevation Gain: 157m (514′)
    “I chose Richmond for a few reasons. One, I’ve raced the course in real life and absolutely love the course. There is a good mixture of everything! And two, if there aren’t any Aussie routes on Zwift, I have to go for a USA route, after all, I am American also!”
  • Stage 5: Ashleigh Moolman’s Bologna TT Feb 24-25
    Distance: 8km (5 miles) Elevation Gain: 230m (757′)
    “I’ve had some of my best results in Italy, so it holds a special place in my heart. This course is not your average time trial. The 2km uphill at the end really tests your legs! The scenery is beautiful. It’s a tough course, but it’s short, so you can give it your all.”

Unlock the Kit

Finish ANY stage of the tour and unlock the VoxTour kit in game!

Support Voxwomen by purchasing an IRL kit to match your in-game version!

About the Voxwomen Ambassadors

The Voxwomen Ambassadors are Olympians, pros, ex-pros, commentators, and entrepreneurs aiming to inspire women riders everywhere.

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More Info/Signup

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