An update was pushed out for Zwifters on PC/Mac last night which mirrors the update released for iOS a few days ago.

According to game master Jon Mayfield,

Today’s update has got us started down a long road of adding small but useful feature additions we’ve had planned, plus a few requested by feedback from Zwifters like you.

You may want to read our post about the iOS release to get an idea of what has been changed and why it matters. Here are a few more details about this update:

  • Segment timers are now visible all of the time you are in a timed segment.  Very helpful for setting a new PR up the Epic KOM in Watopia!
  • It rains slightly less often in London now
  • Algorithms for flagging certain riders who may have an extremely mis-calibrated setup have been improved.

Thanks, ZwiftHQ. Keep up the good work!

See the releases notes from Jon Mayfield >

More sunny days in London ahead!