Our newest Rebel Route covers every road on the new France map, in both directions. It’s the longest Rebel Route we’ve created to date (the first to break the 100km barrier) and our first non-Watopia Rebel Route!

Here’s an animation of this route:

About Rebel Routes

“Rebel Routes” are Zwift rides which are not available on Zwift’s routes list, thus requiring manual navigation.

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The reward for your rebel ride? Exploring a new route, knowing you’ve gone where few Zwifters have gone before. And a Strava segment rank in the tens or hundreds instead of the thousands! They are included as a separate category on our Veloviewer Route Hunter leaderboard.

Route Description

This long Rebel Route begins with a ~900 meter lead-in from the spawn point to the Marina Sprint line. Then we ride around the main outer loop of the map in a clockwise direction, nearly completing a full lap of the Casse-Pattes route which includes the Pavé Sprint Reverse, the Aqueduc KOM Reverse, and the Petit KOM (in that order).

Then we turn right toward the Balloon Field, making our way over the twisty river road to the Balloon Field and the Ballon Sprint before turning left and riding the main outer loop in the counter-clockwise direction. This includes the short Aqueduc KOM, Pavé Sprint, and Marina Sprint Reverse. We continue past the start pens and up the base of the Mont Ventoux climb before turning left to descend the Petit KOM.

After descending the zigzags of the Petit KOM it’s a quick left toward the Balloon Field and another chance to sprint, this time on the Ballon Sprint Reverse. Then it’s over the twisty river road and a right turn toward Mont Ventoux: let the fun begin!

The Mont Ventoux climb is the biggest in Zwift at just over 19km (11.8 miles) long with 1480m (4,857)’ of elevation gain. Top racers complete the climb in just under an hour, while many fit amateurs shot to break 90 minutes.

Once you reach the top, enjoy the view: you’ve earned it! Stay on the ring road around the observatory then descend back to where you began – the route ends at the Marina Sprint banner.


This route is quite flat for the first 60km. We saved all the fun for the end!

Getting Started + Lead-In

Start by choosing the Casse-Pattes route. This will take you in the right direction for the first portion of the ride.

Turn by Turn

Here are the turns you’ll need to make to successfully complete Toutes les Routes. Start by choosing the Casse-Pattes route, or any route that begins near the start pens. The official Strava segment begins at the Marina Sprint arch.

  1. Straight to Mont Saint-Michel (during lead-in, before Marina Sprint arch)
  2. 16km: Straight to Ventoux Summit
  3. 19km: Right to Mont Saint-Michel
  4. 22.5km: Right to Balloon Field
  5. 30km: Straight to Aqueduct
  6. 46.5km: Straight to Ventoux Summit
  7. 50km: Left to Aqueduct
  8. 53km: Left to Balloon Fields
  9. 60.5km: Left to Ventoux Summit
  10. 64km: Straight to Ventoux Summit
  11. 101km: Straight to Mont Saint-Michel
  12. 104.3km: Straight to Mont Saint-Michael

Route details:
Distance: 104.8km (65.1 miles)
Elevation Gain: 1968m (6,458′)
Strava Segment

Rebel Route Suggestions

Got an idea for a great rebel route? Share it below and maybe we’ll publish a post about it!