“Tempus Fugit” is Latin for “time flees (or flies)”, and this is certainly a flat, fast route. Released as part of Zwift’s Fuego Flats desert expansion, this route is definitely designed as an out and back TT race course, with the lead-in from the desert start pens making the course come in right around 20km in length.

Course Profile

This is the flattest route in all of Zwift as the time of its release, with only 16m (52′) of elevation gain from start line to finish. There are some ~1% false flats, but they are barely noticeable as you fly through the picturesque desert.


There are lots of landmarks in Fuego Flats to help you keep your bearings. First you pass the cliff dwellings near the first turnaround loop, then you hit the forward 500m sprint segment. Next you’ll ride through the old town of Desert Flats (watch for the steam engine to come roaring through) then through a gap in the rocks to a hidden oasis complete with a waterfall and dinosaur fossils.

Continue on and you’ll ride into Saddle Springs, the 1950’s-inspired resort town where you’ll make your turnaround before heading back home. Just after the turnaround you’ll cross the start line of the 7km “Fuego Flats Reverse” segment which ends at the same rock arch where the forward sprint ends.

You’ll ride through this arch, around the first turnaround loop (the one with ruins of cliff dwellings) then finish the route with a second effort on the 500m sprint segment.

Start Points

When freeriding you will spawn just before the desert start pens, giving us a lead-in of approximately 2.5km before the sprint finish line. For our Strava segment we started and ended at the sprint finish line since this is a stable point (unlike spawn points, which have some randomness to them).

We will create another segment beginning at the start pens to cover events on this route, once events begin running here.

Route details:
Distance: 17.3km (10.7 miles)
Elevation Gain: 16m (52′)
Strava Forward Segment