Top 5 Zwift Videos: Pairing and Dropouts, Team Time Trials, and More Controversy

Top 5 Zwift Videos: Pairing and Dropouts, Team Time Trials, and More Controversy

Two of this week’s Top 5 Zwift Videos deal with problems getting and keeping devices connected to Zwift. Then get some tips on doing a quicker team time trial and an update on a controversial Zwift decision about users’ weight and height.

Go Faster in Zwift Team Time Trials // Top 5 Tips

Team time trials have brought a new level of strategy and tactics to Zwift racing. Si Bradeley breaks down five tips to help you plan your next TTT.

Zwift Connection Issues: How To Troubleshoot Zwift Pairing Issues

Having a hard time connecting your equipment to Zwift or getting signal dropouts? Tariq with SMART Bike Trainers can help you troubleshoot.

Will this SOLVE your power dropouts in Zwift? ANT+ sensor location

Eric Abbott saw our post about ANT+ signal and USB stick placement, and he decided to try it out for himself. Do his tests match Greg Hilton’s? Does he solve his dropout problem? Watch and see!

Why is Zwift Blowing Up ZwiftPower?!?! Hiding Weight and Height?!

Zwift recently announced that it will be removing weight and height from public view, and Jonathan Crain discusses what this could mean for Zwift racing. (Zwift then said it will be delaying this change for ZwiftPower, and in the next video, you can see Crain’s reaction.)

ZwiftPower Saved?!? Zwift Olympics?? Big Updates!

After listening to community feedback, Zwift said it will postpone its decision to hide weight and height on ZwiftPower. Jonathan Crain shares his reaction and also talks about the new partnership between Zwift and the International Olympic Committee.

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Noah Halbfoster
Noah Halbfoster
3 months ago

or you know maybe instead of troubleshooting videos, maybe zwift should actually FIX the problem that has been a issue from almost the start…. but hey new digital bikes and kit guys!

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