Top 5 Zwift Videos: Race Starts, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Throwbacks

Top 5 Zwift Videos: Race Starts, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Throwbacks

This week’s Top 5 Zwift Videos include different approaches to race starts, a handy keyboard shortcut guide, and a history of Zwift. Also, an old Dragons’ Den episode where an entrepreneur pitches a familiar-sounding product is worth a watch!

Zwift concept 10 years before launch: Dragons’ Den S2E6

In a 2005 episode of the British TV series Dragons’ Den (similar to Shark Tank in the USA), an entrepreneur pitched a computer program called “Personal Trainer” that could connect to personal indoor cycling equipment. The potential investors were not impressed! Wonder what they would think now… Thanks to Arlette Watowich for posting this one.

Trying a New Zwift Race Strategy – Does it Work???

Zwift race starts are famously fast, but Caedmon Cycling decided to try something different. He left the gate at a steadier pace instead of going hard at the start and risking blowing up. Watch the video to see how well it worked.

Race Winning Starts – Zwift Top 5 Tips

Having trouble starting races well in Zwift? Try out some of General Elost’s advice, whether it’s getting a good position in the pen or learning to start hard and quickly find your rhythm.

Zwift Through the Ages | A Complete History of Zwift

While we’re peeking at the past, why not look at the history of Zwift? The Zwift Race Place and guest Greg Hilton, a Zwift beta tester, talk about how Zwift has changed over time..

ZWIFT GUIDE: Keyboard Shortcuts and Tips You Might Not Know

Did you know that you can cue your avatar to say “bring it”? SMART Bike Trainers will tell you how to do that, along with several more useful actions, in this keyboard shortcut rundown.

Got a Great Zwift Video?

Share the link below and we may feature it in an upcoming post!

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Karissa Minn

Karissa is a freelance writer and cycling enthusiast. She also volunteers and serves as an advisor for a community bike center called The Pedal Factory. She and her husband, an avid cyclist, live in North Carolina with their two birds, who have not yet learned how to ride a bike.

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Peter Higgins
Peter Higgins
5 months ago

The “Dragons” have a failure of imagination, and are much too happy to “find a flaw”, rather than find a solution. Totally missed the boat. Ahead of his time.

Caedmon Cycling
Caedmon Cycling
5 months ago

Thanks for the feature! These are all great videos, love learning more about everything Zwift!

Dave Rawlinson
Dave Rawlinson
5 months ago

Hi Guys, I’m the guy pitching in the Dragon’s Den video! If you have any questions about the experience then please let me know.

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