Number Keys (Camera Angles)

1: Default 6 o’clock view
2: Third person view
3: First person shooter perspective
4: To the side front-left of the rider
5: Rear view from the right of the rear wheel
6: Head on to the rider
7: Spectator view
8: Helicopter view
9: Bird’s eye view
0: Drone View – use the arrow keys, +, and – keys to move and zoom camera

Function Keys (Rider Actions)

F1: Stick out elbow
F2: Wave hand
F3: “Ride On!”
F4: “Hammer Time!”
F5: “Nice!”
F6: “Bring It!”
F7: “I’m toast”
F8: Bike bell
F10: Screen Capture/Photo

Other Keys

A: Device pairing screen

E: Bring up workout selection screen

G: Toggle Watt/HR graph

M: Group Message window

P: enter promo code

T: User Customization screen (change bike, kit, etc)

Up Arrow: Show actions/options menu (use left/right arrows to select)

Down Arrow: Perform a u-turn

Left or Right arrows to turn

Spacebar: use power-ups

Esc: Brings up the “End Ride Screen” (press again to go back to the game)

Tab: skip workout block

Page Up/Down: adjust workout % intensity (aka “FTP bias”) during a workout

Note: the above shortcuts are for Zwift on PC/Mac. Zwift for iOS currently has no known way to bring up the keyboard, so all game interactions are via screen touches and swipes.