How to Zwift Run

This is the first “top 5” video this winter addressing Zwift runners. Slowly, the Northern hemisphere is getting too cold and/or icy for running outside. Zwift could help you. Never thought about that? Couple of things to keep in mind. Triathlon Taren has them all prepared for you.

Why Is Indoor So Hard? | Triathlon Training Explained

I quote one of my friends after his Strava workout yesterday: 240w indoors definitely feel different from 240w outdoors. The additional hardness of cycling inside is an interesting phenomenon. What’s exactly happening with us physically and psychologically?

Indoor Training Special Edition | Ask GCN Anything

Zwift sprinting, calibrating FTP post-injury, room temperatures, and balancing indoor training with outdoor training in winter: this time, the Global Cycling Network focuses on common indoor-training specific questions.

Wahoo Kickr CLIMB // Smart Trainer Compatibility

You will need a compatible Wahoo trainer to use Wahoo’s Climb that lifts and lowers your front wheel as you tackle Zwift’s climbs. To explain why, Shane Miller has produced a small video. 

Using ZwiftGPS Strava Ghost

ZwiftGPS is a neat little tool that allows you to race against yourself. Think about your Zwift personal records from last winter. Now that you’re back on Zwift, can you beat yourself? Outdoors, you have Strava Live Segments. Indoors, your own ghost can guide you over the track.