Tiny Race Series – August 27 Route Details and Last Week’s Results

Last Saturday’s set of Tiny Races was a fun mix of custom Watopia and Makuri Islands routes. Some climby, some flat, some dirty! The most surprising, perhaps, was the Makuri Islands Valley to Mountaintop (3.5km) race because of how much the pack strung out through the early dirt of the Golden Forest. A very attritional race!

Congrats to Last Week’s Winners

Zone 1 (8am UTC)

A: Jun Kamotora (TMR)
B: Magnus Wiklund (eSRT)
C: Paul Smith (ART)
D: Emil Syvertsen-Fox (V)*

Zone 2 (2pm UTC)

A: Thomas Thrall (NeXT pb Enshored)
B: Rodrigue Mandrillon (NCT)
C: George Esplin-Jones (OTR)
D: Daniel DS Biking (SZR)

Zone 3 (8pm UTC)

A: Thomas Berry (BL13)
B: Sam Atkinson (TBR)
C: Mark Ridings (DIRT)
D: David White (EVO)

* The Colossal Bath Salts took 1st for the Ds, but has an inaccurate age on ZwiftPower so we gave the win to Emil, the 2nd place finisher.

This Week’s Routes

This week has two 1-lappers to start off the hour, then two custom-length routes to finish.

Here are photos so you can see the precise location of the Richmond custom finish line:

  • Race 1: Queen’s Highway (1 lap)
    • A pitchy little loop, with a drawn-out final sprint that’s slightly uphill. This one is all about timing: modulating your power to efficiently maintain momentum on the short climbs, activating your powerup for maximum effectiveness… and where should you start your final sprint?
    • Powerup: Draft Boost
  • Race 2: The 6 Train (1 Lap)
    • One quick clockwise loop of Central Park’s inner roads. Do you use your feather on the kicker on the back of the course, or save it for a bit of a boost in the long, flat finishing sprint?
    • Powerup: Feather
  • Race 3: Richmond UCI Reverse (4km)
    • This is gonna be a wild one! Start with a descent, then a longish climb. Grab a ghost at the banner, then it’s a quick descent into a really steep, short kicker (20%+!). Grab another ghost at the Libby Hill KOM banner, then descend Libby’s cobbles and end on the paved, straight downhill that follows. Climbers will get away on the last kicker, but bigger riders may just be able to chase them back!
    • Powerup: Invisibility (Ghost) x2
  • Race 4: Jungle Circuit Reverse (6.3km)
    • This mostly downhill race covers just the lead-in of the Jungle Circuit Reverse route, which includes the rope bridge. Race ends at the Jungle banner. Bring your gravel bike!
    • Powerup: none

Sign up at zwift.com/events/tag/tinyraces

Join a Chat & Chill Cooldown Event

Immediately following each hour’s racing, we’ve scheduled 30-minute “Chat & Chill” events where riders from all categories can spin out their legs together and have some fun chatting about how it all went down. The events haven’t been created yet, but when they’re done you’ll be able to find them at:

Sign up at zwift.com/events/tag/tinyraces

ZwiftPower Results

Zwift displays preliminary race results in game when you cross the line, but points are computed after all four races finish, with final results on ZwiftPower. (We have to press a ZwiftPower button to compute results manually, so if your rankings don’t show up right away, just be patient.)

Riders will earn points based on finish position in each of the 4 Tiny Races. The category winner of each week’s series is the rider with the most points across their timezone’s 4 races. Here are the links for each timezone’s results on ZwiftPower:

Questions or Comments

Post below!

Eric Schlange
Eric Schlangehttp://www.zwiftinsider.com
Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava


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1 year ago

Any chance you could highlight the ladies results in some way, as there isn’t a separate grade for them?

King bath salts
King bath salts
1 year ago

but i am Old man 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

very Good Race.

1 year ago

Unfortunately the next 4 saturdays I won’t e able to race them. I hope that you are still organising tihy races at the end of September. Also, I understand that it is difficult trying to make races that are challenging enough for the 4 categories of riders. I’m a low D rider, just below 1.7 W/kg, and last week I finished the 1st and 3rd races in 13:48 and 13:52, so I think that was pretty well balance for people like me. I did the races of Zone 1. Again, thanks for organising this series, and I’ll try to do… Read more »

1 year ago

I can see the 2nd, 3rd & 4th races but can’t see the first race on the companion app to sign up

Alan Wills
Alan Wills
1 year ago

What has happened to the first race at 9 am Queens Highway, logged into race, now missing, thanks.

Steve Fish
Steve Fish(@stephen-fischer)
1 year ago

Eric, the distance for race 3 is set to 3.4km, which is the kom arch. I think you intended 4.0km for the downhill finish, right? I personally prefer the kom arch, snap crackle pop style!

Loving this series! Thanks!

Steve Fish
Steve Fish(@stephen-fischer)
1 year ago
Reply to  Eric Schlange

I recognized because I’ve used the 3.4km distance a couple of times now! I typically have nothing left in the tank when I reach that point in SCP, so the extra 600m of downhill is going to be tough at race pace.

1 year ago

Any chance you can run this series during the week. Saturdays are IRL rides for me

1 year ago

It’d be nice if the women’s podium got a shoutout, too! Even though we have to race amongst the men, we definitely have our own race going on! 🙂

1 year ago

Hello Eric!
First of all thanks for organizing those races. Did it for the first time. It’s very fun and working well.
Thanks also for all the infos we get from you! 😀
Until when will you run this tiny race league please?

Cheers and ride on!

1 year ago

Chat and Chill event… yes yes yes, great idea!

1 year ago

I got a surprise at the end of Z3 race 2 when people started dropping Aero’s. The above says Feather only (which was what I received).

Peter Grann
1 year ago

I DC’ed as i crossed finishLine i tiny race 3/4 10:30 Danish time? And i dont show in resualt list. Came in around 18/20 ish any thing i Can do to get on the list?

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