Missed some Tour de Zwift stages? You’re in good company. I’ve got two stages to complete myself!

Zwift had originally scheduled just two TdZ makeup days for this weekend (Saturday and Sunday), but due to popular demand, they have added makeup events on Monday as well. Let’s finish our tours!

See the full makeup event schedule (hundreds of events!) >

Punxsutawney Endurance Challenge

Looking to put in lots of miles this Saturday, perhaps while making up a TdZ stage (or five) you missed?

Team Velocity has organized the Punxutawney Endurance Challenge, and it’s all about riding as many TdZ makeup events as you like or are able on Saturday February 2nd. Earn points for each stage you complete, plus a few fun bonuses along the way.

Entering the Challenge

Comment on this Facebook post to be included in the challenge.


  1. 100 points per makeup event completed
    – Only finishes prior to Sunday’s Team Velocity VibeTribe group workout (8:30am ET) will be counted
    – Only 50 points for subsequent finishes of the same makeup stage
  2. 25 point bonus for EACH Team Velocity rider spotted during your makeup events
    – Riders will be tagged with “[VVixen]” or “[VFox]” and have avatars who #rockthehawk
    – Prove your Vixen/Fox sighting by grabbing a screenshot and attach to a comment or just say where you saw us
  3. 200 point bonus (!) for completing the next day’s #VibeTribe group workout
    – Ride long with Team Velocity  (you can even lower your FTP setting if you must), join their Discord chatter, brag about your Saturday palmarès

Results will be tallied by Mon Feb 4, and prizes will be awarded to the top scoring male and female groundhogs. Please register in ZwiftPower to have your results count (and inform Team Velocity if your name there does not match Facebook).

Let Team Velocity know if you have any questions. Good luck, Ride (L)on(g), and Happy Groundhog Day!