Titans Grove KOM (Watopia) Zwift Segment Details

Titans Grove KOM (Watopia) Zwift Segment Details Header Image

Key Details

This very draftable climb begins quite flat while you’re still zipping past the dinosaurs in Titans Grove’s “Land Before Time”. Eventually it tilts upward and zigzags toward the finishing arch (which isn’t an arch at all, but rather, two piles of rock on either side of the road).

Routes Featuring this KQOM

Route Length Elevation Lead-In
2022 Medio Fondo 77.2 km (48.0 miles) 924 m (3,031‘) 0.2 km (0.1 miles)
Big Foot Hills 67.5 km (41.9 miles) 707 m (2,320‘) 2.4 km (1.5 miles)
Sand and Sequoias 20.2 km (12.6 miles) 146 m (479‘) 2.4 km (1.5 miles)
Eastern Eight 51.7 km (32.1 miles) 413 m (1,355‘) 2.4 km (1.5 miles)
Three Little Sisters 37.7 km (23.4 miles) 401 m (1,316‘) 0 km ( miles)

Leader’s Jersey

A word about accuracy: as much as possible, we’ve used Zwift’s in-game numbers for the segments listed. Strava data may differ slightly.

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