“Out and Back Again” is a route which is quite flat… until it isn’t. Released as part of Zwift’s Fuego Flats desert expansion, this oddly-named route isn’t an out and back at all, but rather two loops connected in a figure 8-style course.

This should be a popular race route given its length and mostly-flat profile punctuated by two distinct climb sections.

Course Profile

The first half of this route is quite flat, while the second half contains its two climbs.

Beginning in Fuego Flats, we make our way across the desert then descend through the redwoods down to Ocean Boulevard. Hanging a left at the Jarvis Tree, we climb our way up the false flat to the Italian Villas, then twist through The Esses and turn left toward the volcano.

Our Volcano KOM climb begins almost exactly at the 20km mark. Ride up the volcano, descend, then take the flat land bridge road back to the Italian Villas.

Our second climb is next, Hilly KOM Reverse. Once you’ve completed this climb and descended down to sea level you’ll hang a right onto Ocean Boulevard then a quick left toward the finish line at Fuego Flats.

Start Points

When freeriding you will spawn just before the desert start pens, giving us a lead-in of approximately 2.5km before the sprint finish line. For our Strava segment we started and ended at the sprint finish line since this is a stable point (unlike spawn points, which have some randomness to them).

We will create another segment beginning at the start pens to cover events on this route, once events begin running here.

Route details:
Distance: 39.8km (24.8 miles)
Elevation Gain: 303m (997′)
Strava Forward Segment