Zwift has just rolled out their next major tour event, dubbed “Off the MAAP” since it’s in partnership with Melbourne-based cycling clothing maker MAAP. Here are all the details of this popular event!

Stage Details and Schedule

This is a 4-stage tour which lasts 2 weeks (Aug 15-30). Make-up days are included (Aug 27-30) in case you miss a particular stage.

Each stage includes women’s-only race events as well as an open race (men and women) and a group ride. Group rides include a short and long route option, while race categories are based on FTP w/kg, and all race categories ride the same route.

Stage 1 (Aug 15-17)

Stage 2 (Aug 18-20)

Stage 3 (Aug 21-23)

Stage 4 (Aug 24-26)

See details and sign up for events at >

Unlocks and Prizes

Finish every stage to unlock the exclusive Off the MAAP in-game kit. You’ll also unlock the ability to purchase a real-life version from MAAP once the tour ends!

Event types can be mixed, so you can race one stage and group ride another in order to complete the tour.

Pro-Am Invitational

Before each stage kicks off, watch top pros and amateurs will battle it out! Racing kicks off at 7pm AEST/10am BST/5am EDT/2am PDT on Aug 14, 17, 20, and 24. Watch each live stream below:

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