This is an open invitation to our entire Zwift family to join us for a worldwide effort to finish the mountain bike portion of the CeramicSpeed Mission together! To do so you must be signed up for the CeramicSpeed Mission and ride 25 miles (40 km) on a mountain bike. 

When and How This Will Work

When? Saturday, May 30

Time? Whatever time is convenient for you

How do I sign up for this ride? Just show up! There’s no official event, that way we can all ride whenever is convenient for each of us!

How do I sign up for the CeramicSpeed Mission? See

What course do I choose? Watopia Jungle Circuit

How long is the ride? Ride as far as you need to complete the mission. Some of us will need to ride a full 5 laps to complete the 25 miles for the mission. Others who’ve been working on the mission will only need to ride the number of miles they still have left.

What bike should I choose? Be sure to ride a mountain bike! They’re faster in the dirt AND required to get your mountain bike miles in for the mission.

Should I change my name? Yes! Add “ZI Ride” to the end of your name so we can see each other better!

I don’t see the ride listed as an event! Where do I sign up? There’s no official event, that way we can all ride whenever it is convenient for us! Just show up when convenient for you. Lots of other people will be out on course at nearly all times of the day. 

When will Monica be riding? I (Monica) have the full 25 miles to ride so I’ll start on Saturday, May 30 at 8am PT (GMT-7), but you can start whenever it is convenient for you!

Will I be done with the Mission once I ride the 25 miles? The mission includes 75 miles on a road bike and 50 miles on a time trial bike. If you finish those before May 30 then yes, you’ll be done with the mission after this ride is over! Learn all about the CeramicSpeed Mission >

Let’s Do This!

Who is with me? Let’s get a ton of us out there so it’s even more fun!