This is an open invitation to our entire Zwift family to join us for a worldwide effort to get the “On Fire” badge together! To do so you must complete 25 laps of the Volcano Circuit

When and How this Will Work 

It’ll work much like the PRL Full event where we all ride on the same day, at whatever time is convenient for each of us. I (Monica) will start on Saturday, April 25 at 8 am PST (GMT-7), but you can start whatever time works for you. Since we’re doing a circuit we’ll surely overlap with others’ efforts and see each other out there often! 

Each lap is 2.6 miles long. That means you’ll be riding 65 miles. Be sure to prepare accordingly. 

Other Badge Options

Is 65 miles too far beyond your riding capacity right now? Still join us to get the “Hothead” Volcano Circuit badge for 10 laps (26 miles). 

Is 26 miles too much? Still join us to get the “Warmed Up” badge for 5 laps (13 miles).

Don’t yet have the “100 Clicks” badge? Ride the 25 laps and you’ll get that metric century badge too!

Changing Your Name

I’ll have my Zwift name as “Monica Schlange (25 Volcano Circuit).” If you change your name to add Volcano Circuit too we’ll see each other more easily! 

Let’s Do This! 

Who is with me? Let’s get a ton of us out there so it’s more fun and we can draft each other!