Le Col New Year’s Day Century Celebration Announced

Le Col New Year’s Day Century Celebration Announced

What are your plans for New Year’s day? Depending on your New Year’s Eve, Zwift’s just-announced Le Col rides may be the best way to kick off 2020, or the worst idea you’ve had in months!

The “Le Col New Year’s Day Century Celebration” rides are the first long ride events of 2020, and they’ll be popular for sure, with thousands already signed up.

Riders can choose from three different ride lengths, and go as hard as they want. Is it a race? Not officially, although some riders will treat it as such. For most, though, simply finishing the event will be accomplishment enough.


There are 6 different events throughout the day, spaced two hours apart. The first event begins at 12:30AM PST/3:30AM EST/8:30AM GMT. Additional events occur at 2:30AM, 4:30AM, 6:30AM, 8:30AM, and 10:30AM PST.

See event schedule and sign up at Zwift.com >

Route and Group Options

Each event has three categories: A, B, and C. Sign up for the A group if you’re ready for a challenging 100-mile ride. The B group is a metric century, and the C group is a flat 25-miler.

The A and B groups will finish at a custom finish line, while it appears the C group is simply 4 laps of Watopia Flat, ending at the downtown start/finish.

C Group:
Quarter Century

For beginners, or those who went too big the night before and just need to ride with a big group on an easy route.

Route: Watopia Flat (4 laps)
Distance: 41.2km (25.6 miles)

B Group:
Metric Century

Expect 3.5-4+ hours in the saddle. This ride will have you climbing over 5,000 feet!

Route: Mega Pretzel (~1 lap)
Distance: 100km (62.5 miles)

Earn your “100 clicks” badge!

A Group:
Imperial Century

Expect 5+ hours in the saddle with this effort, because it includes ~10,000 feet of climbing!

Route: The Pretzel (~2.25 laps)
Distance: 161km (100 miles)

Earn your “No Big Deal” 100 mile badge!

Kit Unlock, Prize Drawing

Complete any of the rides and unlock the in-game Le Col kit plus a discount code for your next online Le Col order.

You’ll also get an automatic entry to win a complete IRL Le Col Summer Kit (jersey, bibs, socks, gloves and a cap).

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Mitchell Bell
Mitchell Bell (@mitchell)
1 year ago

Will doing the B Group ride unlock the Mega Pretzel route achievement if I carry on past the event finish line?

1 year ago
Reply to  Mitchell Bell

I’m doing the Mega Pretzel route for the achievement as well. Based on a lack of starting/ finishing banners, it might be the best way to get the achievement. Unless someone has already completed the mega pretzel route and confirm it working properly during a free ride?

Jon L
Jon L (@jonleander1)
1 year ago

Be aware some group rides / mass start events begin at start pens that do not cross the start banner, example I did Four Horseman in a fondo event but got no credit for it as completed loop due to the start pen location. I would be more concerned about the start location on Mega Pretzel. That being said I am doing 100 miles and starting at 5:30 am EST, and yes I do not drink or party on New Years Ever!

1 year ago
Reply to  Jon L

Too hot to cycle indoors currently in Australia – we’re facing bush fires and high temps (over 30 celsius). I think the kickr will be toast if i do one of the alp climbs.

Jesse (@jesselangevin)
1 year ago
Reply to  Jon L

You’re completely right about the starting pens and main banner, but I think it depends which direction you’re going. The pretzel, uber pretzel, and four horsemen miss that starting banner if you leave from the pens, not unlocking the achievement. However, the mega pretzel goes under the banner to head towards the volcano. If we’re right, the pretzel riders will unlock their achievement on the second lap of their century ride.

I was able to confirm the mega pretzel achievement is working correctly during free ride so no need to complete this event if you don’t want to.

1 year ago

I’m new to Zwift so hope you don’t mind simple questions. ,
How to get the promo code? I completed le col metric century but not sure where to find it.

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