Wahoo Releases KICKR v5 Firmware Update

Wahoo Releases KICKR v5 Firmware Update

Fourl months after the KICKR v5’s initial release, Wahoo has finally released a firmware update to address low flywheel speed power inaccuracies.

This issue was mentioned in initial reviews by Shane Miller (GPLama) and DC Rainmaker, and although it’s a bit of an “edge case”, the power inaccuracies definitely caused concern, especially since the new KICKR was touted as being Wahoo’s most accurate KICKR yet.

What was the issue exactly? The KICKR, like most quality trainers, uses a flywheel to mimic IRL inertia. When that flywheel was moving very slowly, power would be overstated.

The majority of KICKR would probably never be affected by this inaccuracy, as it only occurred when flywheel speeds were very low – think riding in your small ring in front, and one of your easiest gears in back. (This is a rare thing on Zwift, given that most people ride around 50% or lower trainer difficulty and don’t do ERG workouts in super-easy gears.)

But if you were climbing a steep hill at 100% trainer difficulty, or doing ERG workouts in your small front ring and near the top of your cassette, your power was definitely overshooting on the old KICKR v5 firmware.

DC Rainmaker has put together a nice video comparing accuracy between the old and new firmware. See it below, and be sure to update your KICKR v5 firmware via the app!

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Omar Meer
Omar Meer
8 months ago

Any news if this issue impacts older Kickr?

8 months ago
Reply to  Eric Schlange

I have the 2018 (v4) and a mountain bike (32 x 48t), I noticed that when I was going up the radio tower I was outputting a lot of watts (400-500), which I know to well that I can’t do. I went back the other day and I noticed that again. Now seeing this article this might explain it.

Dan Connnelly
8 months ago
Reply to  Hugh

more watts = better, right? 🙂

Derek (@dpr4473)
8 months ago

I think I’ll wait a few days to see if this firmware update came with any gremlins. I’ve had enough problems with my Kickrs in the past; I’d hate for a firmware update to get the one I have now acting all wonky.

Eric (@eric-paterson)
8 months ago

Appears that this is for the trainers, and not the Kicker Bike. Correct?

8 months ago

Wondering how many non pro cyclists actually own a Kickr5. I have an 18 but wanted another trainer so my wife and I could ride together, Wahoo is not very forthcoming as to when Kickrs will be next available to us non pros and non social media “influencers” so I bought a Tacx Neo2t as our second.

Damian Faulkner
Damian Faulkner
7 months ago

I’ve noticed in races I’m now down roughly 40 watts after the update on a Wahoo kickr core 2019, I just can’t hold the power I used to hold. joined Zwift November 2020 and racing since then W/K also well down. So now Im thinking was I over powered all that time or what ?

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