Zwift Launches Innsbruck 2018 UCI Worlds Course

Zwift Launches Innsbruck 2018 UCI Worlds Course

Zwift has launched a new course based on the 2018 UCI World Championship course in Innsbruck, Austria.

Course Details

The course includes 5 route options:

Here’s Shane Miller introducing each of the routes quite nicely:

This is a short and simple course at this time, lacking the 84.7km lead-in from Kufstein to Innsbruck which pro riders will be covering outdoors come September. But Zwift’s course covers the ground where all the real action will happen, since it includes the leg-killing 400m climb which the men’s elite racers will hit 7 times.

The new course contains a few nice artistic elements we haven’t seen yet on Zwift worlds: the scenic alps and nearby moving traffic really lend a sense of realism and space. It also includes many of the features we’ve grown to love: KOM and sprint leaderboards, water features, cheering crowds and more.

Photo Gallery

When Can We Ride It?

The course’s first officially scheduled day is Thursday, August 2nd (see August calendar). But you can use the world hack to get in and ride Innsbruck at any time.

Verified Strava Segments

The following accurate Strava segments have been created for the new Innsbruck course. We recommend starring them in Strava so they will consistently show up in your results:

Strava now requires segments to be over a certain length, and thus will not let us create the Innsbruck sprint segments because it says they’re too short. Help us out by chiming in here if you want to see Strava fix this!

Learn more about the making of this course >

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