Innsbruck’s “Lutscher” (German for lollipop) is a lollipop route, meaning you have a lead in then one or more circuits to ride. The route begins at the start/finish banner then places you on the KOM loop for as many laps as you can handle. With Innsbruck’s steep climbs this means you can pack in a lot of climbing if you wish!

There are two Lutscher routes: the standard one and a reverse one (“Lutscher CCW”). The official routes end after you cross the KOM banner for the second time.

We have also created verified Strava segments for the KOM loop in both directions.

  • Lutscher – 24.2km (15 miles), 827m (2713′): Loop around the climb portion of the course, which finishes each lap at the KOM arch: The distance of the loop itself is about 15km; the 24.2 includes the lead-in.
  • Lutscher CCW – 22.1km (13.7), 826m (2710′): Same as above but in reverse (this is way steeper, as evidenced by the shorter total distance)

Route details:
Distance: 24.2km (15.1 miles)
Elevation Gain: 823m (2703′)

Route details (CCW):
Distance: 22.3km (13.9 miles)
Elevation Gain: 821m (2696′)
Strava Forward SegmentStrava CCW SegmentStrava Hilly SegmentStrava Hilly CCW Segment