This weekend has a lot of high-attendance events, which is always fun! Raise funds for Buffalo bikes, join a big ride series… or try steering in a race for the first time. It’s all good!

Special thanks to Jesper at ZwiftHacks with his Events app which provides powerful event filtering tools that help us create this list each week.

Ride Like King 12

This weekend the popular Ride Like King celebration is back in Zwift-land, and it includes pro rides, Buffalo Bike donations through WBR, a kit unlock, and prize giveaways! Read all the details here >

This is a 4-stage event. The more stages Zwifters ride, the more Buffalo bikes will be donated!

  • Stage 1 – Friday at 11am BST/6am EDT/3am PDT: 2 laps of the Tick Tock route.
  • Stage 2 – Friday at 11pm BST/6pm EDT/3pm PDT: 2 laps of the Tempus Fugit route.
  • Stage 3 – Saturday at 9am BST/4am EDT/1am PDT: 3 laps of the Greater London Flat route.
  • Stage 4 – Sunday at 5pm BST/12pm EDT/9am PDT: 4 laps of the Gotham Grind route.

Sign up at

Steering Races!

Last week’s Zwift update included the ability to steer on all Zwift roads, if you have an Elite Sterzo Smart steering block. Those Sterzos are now arriving at Zwifters’ doorsteps, so it’s time to try steering in a race! Zwift automatically disabled steering in all scheduled races, since it provides an advantage. But they’ve created two special events where steering will be allowed (they are currently set to “no steering” as we write this, but certainly that will be fixed by race day).

Racers without steering abilities are encouraged to attend as well, to see what it’s like to race against steering riders. Anti-sandbagging (the green cone of shame) is also enabled for these events. Let’s have some fun!

Saturday 4pm BST/11am EDT/8am PDT
Sign up at

Sunday 8am BST/3am EDT/12am PDT
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7 Days of Tarmac SL7

We’re at the end of this three-stage series celebrating the new Specialized Tarmac S7 bike (read all about the series here). This weekend is stage 3, inspired by Julian Alaphilippe and held on the France map. Choose from the long ride which takes you up the challenging La Reine route to Mont Ven-Top’s Chalet Reynard, or do the shorter ride on the flatter Casse-Pattes route.

Multiple event times, see for details

Off the MAAP Tour

This big 2-week tour kicks off this weekend with Stage 1 (there are 4 stages total). Each stage includes group rides, races, and a pro-am invitational event. Complete all stages to unlock the exclusive kit!

Multiple event times, see for details

ZZRC Sunday Club Ride – 2.5 to 2.7 w/kg

Looking for a long group ride with friendly support and some hills? Try ZZRC’s weekly Sunday club ride. This week it’s a long one – 167.7km as you cover 3 laps of the London Pretzel route.

Sunday 9:30am BST/4:30am EDT/1:30am PDT
Sign up at

Your Thoughts

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