Bkool trainer owners enjoy full smart trainer functionality via ANT+ on Zwift for PC and Mac, but Zwift for iOS is currently unable to control Bkool trainers. Why is this, and what can you do about it?

Bkool trainers can be controlled (after a firmware update) using ANT+, but as you probably know Zwift for iOS only supports Bluetooth at this time. (Related news: Zwift has announced they will support ANT+ for iOS in the next version of the Zwift app, coming in the next ~30 days.)

Bkool trainers can also be controlled via Bluetooth, but Bkool uses their own secret, proprietary Bluetooth protocol to accomplish this, with the result that their trainers currently only work via Bluetooth with Bkool’s own simulator software.

Jon Mayfield, Game Master at ZwiftHQ, made it clear where Zwift stands on this in a recent Facebook post:

If they send us their Bluetooth protocol I’ll add it. We don’t really have open communications though as we’re essentially competitors.

He also added:

We’ve also reached out to them again this week to see if they’ll share the Bluetooth info. I wouldn’t blame them for not sharing, but it’d be nice for their hardware customers.

So what can Bkool owners do? Contact Bkool and ask them to release their Bluetooth protocol to ZwiftHQ. Hit them up on their website, via Facebook, Twitter, etc (links at bottom of this page.) The squeaky wheel gets the grease, folks. Get on it!