Simon from GCN got to demo a Zwift VR setup at Eurobike, and he was quite impressed.

Check it out in the video below–the Zwift section begins at the 6-minute mark.

(Just prior to the Zwift VR demo, the GCN boys discuss most of the new smart trainers including the new Wahoo KickrTacx Flux, CycleOps HammerElite Drivo and Kinetic offerings.)

Zwift appears to perform very well with this virtual reality setup, although Simon does complain that his avatar’s legs are a bit fatter than his real ones. He describes it as “absolutely insane.”

Of course, the one problem is dealing with sweat, since VR goggles such as the Oculus Rift offer little ventilation. This is what’s stopping Zwift HQ from pushing the VR version out, so we can only hope that someday VR glasses will be created with adequate ventilation.