wahooWahoo has announced an update to its flagship KICKR trainer. Originally released in 2013, the KICKR was (according to Wahoo) the world’s first smart trainer. While many firmware updates have been released since then, the beloved KICKR was definitely due for a hardware overhaul.

While it doesn’t look much different, the new KICKR has some significant improvements over the previous model.

  • Reduced sound level: the high-pitched tone is mostly gone, and the volume is significantly reduced as well. Wahoo claims the high-frequency pitch is reduced by 90% and the noise output reduced from 67 to 61 decibels. There are quieter trainers, but the KICKR is the quietest model equipped with a flywheel. See video from DC Rainmaker below to hear the comparison.
  • Improved power accuracy: Wahoo claims accuracy of +/-2% with the new KICKR, compared to +/-5% with the older model. Unlike the previous model the new KICKR does not use a strain gauge, but instead reads power based off its readings of the mag brake unit.
  • Improved responsiveness: KICKR will now respond faster to terrain changes and large leaps of power output.
  • Improved user interface: they’ve added connectivity lights, a large grey handle, and relocated the power plug.

Learn more about the new KICKR by reading DC Rainmaker’s in-depth review.

DC Rainmaker noise comparison:

Wahoo promo video: