Zwift’s feature requests forum is full of game improvement ideas from dedicated Zwifters. Zwift marks these posts as planned or completed, and Zwifters can upvote and comment to encourage implementation of a particular request.

Here are the top five “no status” feature requests, with some comments. (Anything marked as planned or completed has been left off this list along with some feature requests that don’t apply anymore or are duplicates.)

Allow Save Without Exit

It’s is only a matter of time before this arrives. In the grand scheme of things this isn’t the biggest piece of work to implement and I’m sure it’s been pushed to the back of the queue in favor of more flashy updates (e.g. new maps). I recon it will arrive in 2018 and be welcomed by all.

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Zwift Velodrome

This request is 3 years old now and it would be ideal for practising sprints or perhaps performing an FTP test but I’m not sure how high up the ladder this request is. I can’t imagine the Velodrome being the standard 250 meter track if it was implemented as it would soon become over crowded within the game and you could easily lose sight of your rider. Having multiple velodrome instances would fix this, but the bigger questions is, will it arrive? Perhaps one day, but I would expect to wait a couple more years at least for it.

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Countdown Distance Until a Sprint or KOM Begins

Yes, I think this will arrive one day, but like the “Save without exit” it’s a small request in a big field. I don’t believe it would take much effort to implement, but as Zwift is still a small company they need to apply their resources efficiently. A year or two at best before we see this one drop.

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Improved Fan Mode – Broadcaster Mode

This feature is about trying to view a particular rider anywhere on Zwift, whether that person is racing or just riding along and also having the ability to roam via a camera and/or drone.

Perhaps a little controversial among those who commentate on the game but I don’t see this feature coming at any point. I believe only a few people will find it useful and as it won’t appeal to the masses this won’t be high up on the list of things to do at Zwift HQ.

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Event Module to Use Any World

There is already a manual hack to change the world you’re riding in, but how about being able to apply that to group rides and races, so these events happen in a different world than what Zwift has scheduled for the day?

I was always led to believe that the reason for not officially being able to pick a world was due to the fact that some worlds might become too quiet (Richmond for example). But would that matter if you were racing or part of a group ride? In my eyes I don’t think it would matter and being able to give the option to event organisers is only a good thing. I know event organisers are asking for a lot at the moment and I don’t know how much work it would be to give this feature to a select few but I do feel it would be well received.

So, will it arrive anytime soon? No. I’m all for the feature myself, but as with some of the others on this list, I feel it’s at the back of the queue.

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