Zwiftcast Episode 87: New Roads to Ride? TdF on Zwift and all the Zwifty chat

Zwiftcast Episode 87: New Roads to Ride? TdF on Zwift and all the Zwifty chat

Could we be about to get a series of new roads to ride? Simon, Shane and Nathan assess the impact on Zwifters of the (as yet officially unconfirmed) news that Zwift is to stage a virtual version of Le Tour de France, complete with the IRL planned start and finish stages in Nice and Paris.

Perhaps more excitingly, there is speculation that the talk of a “marquee climb” may be a new TdF climb, rather than the existing recreation of L’Alpe D’Huez.

If so – and it’s still an “if”, which one might it be? Simon boils down the likely choices and the Zwiftcasters decide which one of those candidate climbs it might be.

Taco Cat has made a name for himself with his occasionally bizarre, and very frequent, posts in the Zwift forums online. Simon tracks down Taco Cat to his lair to find out more about his owner, Craig Hulce.

Despite an uninvited guest in the form of a large and very noisy jackhammer directly outside Zwiftcast Central, the podcasters push on to discuss the recent Race for Heroes and how successful and entertaining the charity event was. Could this be a pointer towards the chase format figuring more strongly in Zwift racing?

Zwift CEO Eric Min has been named as the 30th most influential person in cycling. Did Cycling News’ Power List get this right? The Zwiftcasters discuss.

Pride Month has seen a whole series of events across the platform spreading the inclusivity message and Zwift has backed the initiative with a substantial donation to Athlete Ally, an advocacy group. Simon talks to the organisation’s executive director Hudson Taylor.

Finally, the Zwiftcasters wrap up the episode with a tech round-up, including a plea to Strava to sort out the “long straight line” quirk which would, for example, make linking rides in Paris and Nice not possible on Zwift.

We hope you enjoy listening.

About The Author

Simon Schofield

Simon lives in Leeds, in the North of England, where grey, wet winters drive him indoors to ride. An early Zwift adopter, one day he idly wondered whether the fast-growing virtual cycling world would sustain a podcast. Fifty-plus episodes later - he has his answer - there's always something to talk about! Simon's a journalist by trade and spent many years working in TV production. He's at his happiest either drafting a big pack in Watopia or plunging down an Alpine descent with the sun in his face and the wind at his back.

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9 months ago

Mont Zventoux…?

Carolyn Audilet
Carolyn Audilet (@caudilet)
9 months ago

I was also hoping to see some of the Tour of the Gila climbs added from NM. In particular, the Gila Monster is a good one.

David Richerby
David Richerby
9 months ago
Reply to  Fabio

Oh. So it’s half the Ventoux. Specifically, the non-iconic half of the Ventoux. I’m sure that’ll still be great to ride, but it’s kinda dissapointing.

Dan Eden
Dan Eden
9 months ago

If true, I’m so excited about a new ‘France’ world I could have kittens (with a taco on its head)

9 months ago

Great to have new roads and a new climb, but I wish it was the whole ventoux climb With an option to bail rather than finishing before the top, therefore you haven’t climbed Ventoux when you finish.

Colin (@colin_moore_1)
9 months ago
Reply to  Kerry

Agreed. However, the news says that the tdf stage will finish there. It doesn’t mean that Zwift won’t have a road to the top. The tdf stages are all quite short, adding the extra 6km of climbing would add another 15 min to the event. But probably wishful thinking on my part.

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