ZwiftHQ has released an update for Zwift (version 1.0.18507 on PC/Mac, version 1.0.18494 on iOS). Here are the details on some of the most notable changes.

Spectators and Pedestrians

This was the biggest surprise in this update, and it certainly increases the realism. Game Master Jon Mayfield had this to say:

For so long I’ve kept the spectators out of Zwift mostly due to performance and memory constraints (Zwift users typically have pretty low end graphics chips), but finally we decided to go for it.

Our first attempt may be overly cautious, but I want to see how it all works out from a performance standpoint across the entire zwift userbase. If it all looks good we’ll probably increase the quality of the people a bit and add more of them while we’re at it. If it turns out to be a more major slowdown than expected, then we may cut some out.

We don’t have spectators on Watopia or Richmond yet, but Mayfield says Watopia will get them eventually. (I hope Richmond will, too!)

Having non-riding people on course increases the realism dramatically.

New London Roads

We’ve got a new stretch of mostly flat road southwest of the Classique Loop, ~7.5km (4.7 miles) in length. Along with the new scenery there are three new route options:

(More route details and Zwift Insider verified segments coming soon.)

New Watopia Route

Finally, a route that takes us up the new volcano climb! If you’re looking to do some real work, look no further: the new “Three Sisters” route (30.0mi / 48.3km with 2942′ of climbing) is the shortest route covering all 3 climbs.  (Route details and Zwift Insider verified segments coming soon.) Strava Segment >

Watopia: Three Sisters (30.0mi / 48.3km)

Non-Event Riders Hidden

Some events will have non-event riders hidden entirely. This is an exciting feature for racers, since it eliminates the oddities of having non-racers on course.

Visible Group Classifications

For group riders/races, the rider list on the right now shows which group (A/B/C/D/E) each rider is in, making it easy to identify who is in your group when racing.

Run Workout Support

Workouts are now supported for running mode, with three test workouts available.

Assos “Go Long London” Mission

A new mission has launched, allowing Zwifters to unlock an exclusive Assos kit if they complete the new London Pretzel route. (More details to follow in an additional post).

French Language Support

Japanese was the first non-English language supported (added in May’s update) so French, being the “language of cycling,” seems like a logical second.

See release notes from Jon Mayfield >