Zwift has announced a new monthly series of foot races. Each month’s events will feature a different racecourse and include in-game unlocks specific for that month’s race.

May’s Race: Hilltop Hustle

May’s races happen on the 18th-19th. Held on the new Bologna TT course, these races have two different groups based on your incline setting. Keeping your treadmill steady? Choose group A. Going to increase your incline to match the course’s tough final pitch? Choose group B.

Here’s how the Zwift Runners group admin Stephen Cousins explains it:

…unlike in normal Group Workouts and some previous races, the group splits are NOT related to your pace.

You can join either group regardless of your usual pace. The split is to do with incline. If you join Group A you can run the Bologna course flat the whole way. However, if you join Group B you MUST use incline for the hill at the end at the race.

So Group A is FLAT running, Group B use incline. This leaves the question of what percentage to set incline. At certain points, the climb gets to 16% and more. My treadmill only goes to 12%! So just match it as best you can.

Route Details

  • Distance: 8km // 5mi
  • Group A: Open to all, race with incline optional
  • Group B: Race with incline only

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