Today at approximately 11am PST Zwift broke its concurrent record by a significant margin, with 13,064 signed on. This comes on the heels of last Thursday’s record-breaking traffic numbers (10,453).

Midday Tuesday is typically Zwift’s weekly high-traffic point, so this new record didn’t come as a surprise to ZwiftHQ. With Tour de Zwift in full swing and winter weather all over the northern hemisphere, Zwift’s highest traffic of the year will probably be this week and next.

World Choice: Now, More than Ever

The time is now for Zwift to allows its user base the freedom to choose where they want to ride. Even Zwift’s planned “guest map” approach would be a welcome change from what we currently have, which is very crowded courses, especially if you’re anywhere other than Watopia.

I find myself gravitating toward group rides more and more right now because free riding just isn’t pleasurable on crowded courses. From what I hear, Zwift will be rolling out their guest map feature very soon. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it is within the next week!