Zipp has partnered up with Zwift to deliver an event with some fun twists we’ve never seen before:

  • First, it’s a TT race, and everyone will be on the Zwift TT frame with the new 858/Super9 disc wheel.
  • Second, races are happening every 30 minutes starting at 12AM Saturday, May 4th and ending at 11:30PM Sunday, May 5th (Pacific time).
  • Third: Zwift has tweaked the in-game parameters to mimic the physics encountered at the world-famous Aguascalientes Bicentenary Velodrome in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Why is it famous? Because it’s where hour records are broken, due to its thin air at 1887m (6,190′) above sea level! Both Vittoria Bussi (current women’s hour record holder) and Victor Campenaerts (men’s hour record holder) set their records at Aguascalientes. A & B groups will enjoy less air resistance, while the C group will have typical Watopian physics. Just how fast will we go? We’re not sure, but we’re about to find out!
  • Fourth: each category is racing a custom distance determined by famous hour record distances. Can you beat the current hour record holder?

On top of these fun twists, riders also receive a kit unlock and entry to win real-life prizes. This challenge is going to be quite popular!

Is this a Race?

Yes: a race against the clock. It’s a time trial, which means no drafting. It’s a test of how hard you can push yourself, both mentally and physically. As Zwift says:

it won’t feel good doing it. But you’ll feel great having done it.


All races and categories will be in the desert riding Tempus Fugit, the flattest route in game. Select your category (each corresponds to famous hour records):

  • A – Victor Campenaerts’ current UCI record (open to men and women). 
    Distance – 55.089 kilometers // 34.23 miles
  • B – Vittoria Bussi’s current UCI record (open to women only). 
    Distance – 48.007 kilometers // 29.813 miles
  • C – James Moore’s distance from the first recorded hour (open to men and women). 
    Distance – 23.331 kilometers // 14.4972 miles

Kit Unlock

Finish a challenge ride and the Zipp in-game kit is yours.

Real-Life Prizes

Some sweet real-life prizes will be given to finishers!

  • 858 wheelset for one random finisher in the A group
  • 858 wheelset for one random finisher in the B group
  • SL-70 Aero bar and SL Speed stem for one random finisher in the C group

Event Schedule

Visit for a full schedule of events.