Cloud Sync for Zwift Workouts Now Available

Cloud Sync for Zwift Workouts Now Available

Thanks to yesterday’s update (version 1.0.30589) Zwifters now have their custom workouts syncing between all their Zwift devices.

This means you can create a custom workout in Zwift on one machine (say, your office PC) then go home and have that workout available on another device (perhaps your AppleTV Zwift setup). Workouts are automagically synced across all your devices.

Haven’t created your first custom Zwift workout? Here’s how to do it >

Looking to expand your library of Zwift workouts? Check out the workout library at >

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1 year ago

Has zwift changed this? Because iPhone X zwift app won’t sync up with my pc.

1 year ago

I uploaded a custom workout (a ZWO file) to Zwift on my Mac, following the directions for importing a custom workout. When I boot up Zwift on my Mac, I see the workout under Training. However, when I open the Zwift app on my iPhone, the workout is not there. Is there a lag in the cloud sync?

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