Just like anything else sprinting is a skill to be mastered on Zwift and Team WBR’s weekly London Igniter sessions on Thursday and Friday of last week focused on delivering group sprinting sessions aimed not only at improving rider fitness through the delivery of high intensity interval training [HIIT] but also at coaching the skills and techniques necessary for a successful sprint.

It is all very easy when you are in the midst of a practical demonstration but sprinting can be frustratingly difficult when you’re alone staring at a leader board with numbers which appear completely unattainable.

Consider whether you could:

  1. Drop to the back of the group in order that when the sprint begins you can use the draft effect of the group to increase your speed as you power through;
  2. Hold on to that PU [please no more feathers!!]… we see so many people just itching to press the button but don’t hit it too soon, wait until you’re at least past Marble Arch before kicking in the boosters;
  3. By the time you pass the 300 metre sign be at 90% of your max;
  4. Be flat out before you pass the 200 metre sign and then hang on to the grim end as the legs get heavier and heavier…

So how did we do?

Two amazing groups: 31 riders under 11 seconds on Thursday and another 20 under 11 seconds on Friday. Just remind me, was The Mall red before we started or did we paint it red with our power numbers? PB’s were falling like thumbs from the sky…

The picture above was taken from the final sprint on Friday and ‘yes’ you are reading that correctly: 9.02!! #kudos to Paul Bestwick but most of all #kudos to all those who achieved their own personal goals!

Looking forward to seeing you on a sprint track near here very soon… bring on that green jersey!

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