In conjunction with TrainingPeaks, Justin Wagner of TeamODZ leads the “Watts up with Power?” ride each Wednesday at 6:30AM PST/9:30AM EST/14:30 GMT.

The “Watts up with Power?” ride is likely the slowest group ride you’ll find on Zwift, because it focuses on learning the basics of power based training while riding together on Zwift. Each ride is streamed to Zwift LIVE by ODZ on Facebook, and focuses on teaching specific principles of power-based training. For viewers that are unable to attend live, the teaching is made available for all to review afterwards.

Here is the summary for February 22, 2017.

This week we are pleased to welcome Nate Dunn, founder and head coach at Data Driven Athlete, to share his knowledge on developing a power-based training plan with us!  Here is his summary of the lesson:

Developing a power-based training plan can feel daunting.  Here are 4 key points to aid in creating your own plan.

1:  Why Train?

Answer the “why train” question.   What are you training for?  When you wake up early and don’t feel like training, what is driving your willingness to train when you would rather be doing something else?  If you can’t answer this question your plan will be doomed from the start.

2:  Sign-up

Look at an event calendar and sign up for a few events right now.  Your “event” doesn’t have to be formal or sanctioned.  Maybe it’s an important ride weekend with friends or a commitment to try out a local group ride.  Whatever it is, write it down and put it on your calendar.

3:  Assess your time

Comb through every day of the week and map out exactly where your available training time is.  Even 10 minutes is enough time to execute quality work on the bike.  Be honest and start conservatively with your training time.

4:   Apply Progression

Progressive overload is the key to long-term progress.  Could be volume, could be intensity.  Chose a progressive element specific to your training situation and fitness/performance objective.  Use data to track progress.

Want to heal all the details? Watch the video replay of the lesson now!