Watts up with Power? ride summary for February 15th

Watts up with Power? ride summary for February 15th

In conjunction with TrainingPeaks, Justin Wagner of TeamODZ leads the “Watts up with Power?” ride each Wednesday at 6:30AM PST/9:30AM EST/14:30 GMT.

The “Watts up with Power?” ride is likely the slowest group ride you’ll find on Zwift, because it focuses on learning the basics of power based training while riding together on Zwift. Each ride is streamed to Zwift LIVE by ODZ on Facebook, and focuses on teaching specific principles of power-based training. For viewers that are unable to attend live, the teaching is made available for all to review afterwards.

Here is the summary for February 15, 2017.

In past lessons we’ve talked how training with power can enable you to plan exactly when you hit your peak performance, thus allowing you to be on form exactly when you want to be on form.  To get to the point of planning your workouts for this, we need to understand the concepts of Fitness (also called Chronic Training Load, or CTL), Fatigue (also called Acute Training Load, or ATL), and Form (also called Training Stress Balance, or TSB).

In this week’s lesson we discuss these three concepts in detail, and relate them back to each individual workout that is performed.  This is the foundation for being able to use and understand the Performance Management Chart, which is the key to planning your training such that you hit your peak performance at the exact moment you want to.

This week’s lesson was based on Chapter 9 of “Training and Racing with a Power Meter” by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan, PhD.

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Next week’s lesson we are fortunate to have Nate Dunn M.S., a TrainingPeaks level 2 certified Coach, from Data Driven Athlete share his knowledge with us. We are excited to hear what insights he has to share with us!

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Justin Wagner

Being relatively new to the sport of Cycling, Justin has self coached his way to a Category 3 road racer in 2 racing seasons. Competitive cycling has also helped Justin lose 75 pounds, and he openly shares his tips and strategies with anyone willing to listen! Justin races for Mountain View Racing and is a member of TeamODZ on Zwift.

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