Volcano Climb Released

Volcano Climb Released

Early this morning ZwiftHQ released the new Watopia Volcano Climb we wrote about just a few days ago. The new climb corkscrews up the volcano on a road which is mostly dirt but also partly sketchy wooden platform. It also goes inside the volcano.

Route details:
Distance: 3.7 km (2.3 miles)
Elevation Gain: 126m (414′)
Strava Segment

There is currently no route option you can select to take you up to the climb; instead, you must choose to turn onto the climb while riding one of the volcano routes.

UPDATE: since this post was originally written, Zwift released the Volcano Climb and other routes which take you up the climb.

Riders must manually turn onto the new climb

Quickest way to get on the Volcano climb:

  • Choose “Volcano Circuit CCW” from route menu
  • On the third turn option that pops up you will see an erupting volcano if you turn left–choose that option.

Once you cross the KOM arch at the top you loop around and join the same path you climbed up, descending down the mountain on the other side of the road.

The Volcano KOM jersey which was previously awarded to the fastest volcano circuit rider on course is now being awarded to the fastest Volcano KOM climber. Also, the actual timed KOM does not begin at the stone arch near the beginning of the climb, but a short distance afterward. (The Zwift Insider verified Strava segment begins where the timed KOM begins.)

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