Zwift released a major game update late last week, but we’ve been so busy testing new in-game equipment that we haven’t had time to get our standard “Zwift update” post out. So here it is, a little late.

Drops & Drop Shop

The biggest new feature included in this release, the Drop Shop and its accompanying “Drops” currency provide an entirely new set of Zwift carrots and a new model for equipping yourself in-game.

Read more about the Drop Shop >

Read Jon Mayfield’s Drop Shop announcement >

Ramp Test Added

Zwift has added a Ramp Test to its list of FTP tests, and cyclists are rejoicing worldwide! Read more about it here >

Other Notable Updates

  • PowerUp clearing: if you’re “holding” a powerUp when you start an event, it will now be taken away. This eliminates people grabbing a powerUp and using it at the start of non powerUp events, and levels the playing field for events that do allow powerUps.
  • March Jaybird Mission available
  • Run Calibration has been redesigned

I’ve seen some internal notes from HQ on other updates included in this release, and while I can’t share all the details it’s only fair to say that there are lots of changes happening under the hood to improve group rides, racing, and the overall Zwift experience. They’re hard at work over at HQ!