Zwift has released the latest update, which in the words of Jon Mayfield “… includes a lot of smaller fixes and features we wanted to get out to everybody now, up ahead of a larger release we are still working on.” Here are a few of the items included, with my notes in italics:

  • Added 10,000 calorie mission, active through Jan 14th: riding for 1 hour at 200 watts burns roughly 700 calories, so this is a 14 hour challenge at that pace. Learn more by reading “How Many Calories Am I Actually Burning?
  • Added confirmation dialog when deleting activities of substantial length: it’s no fun accidentally deleting your activity. I know from personal experience!
  • Distance and time based events that don’t have a race results popup now have a simple finish screen: a good change which will result in a less confusing experience for non-race group events.
  • All messaging disabled for users under 13 years of age: good move. Did you know kids under 13 can Zwift free?
  • You can no longer change your weight once you have joined a group ride: this will at least stop a few weight dopers who don’t plan ahead 🙂
  • Group workouts speed up inclines has been increased: thank goodness! Those 2mph climbs were no fun.
  • Fixed issue with avatar’s hair sometimes disappearing around holidays (ie, Christmas and Thanksgiving): this seems to be the beginning of a joke, but I’m not sure what the punchline is.

Read full release notes here >