Most Zwifting parents would love nothing more than to see their kids on Zwift and even join them for a ride or run around Watopia. Zwift has long been free for kids under 13, and that limit was raised to 16 over a year ago.  Big kudos to Zwift for making this move to encourage more riding from youngsters!

To get your child set up with a free Zwift account, visit this Zwift support page >

Parents must submit a consent request in order to get a free account set up for your kid(s). (The consent form is linked in the support post above).

1 Year at a Time

Zwift will create your child’s account and apply a free year discount code to the account. This free year will expire (after a year), and you will need to reach out to Zwift for another free year at that time, assuming your child is still under 16.

Best Practices:

  • Get a Zwift account yourself. This Zwift account doesn’t even have to be active (paid), but use it to “follow” your child’s account and monitor their activity.
  • Avoid using your child’s age in their username. Consider abbreviating their name or using a nickname in their profile.
  • Make your child’s profile private with the Zwift Companion (ZC) app, directions are available here.

Noah on his first real Zwift session--one lap of Watopia flat.
My son Noah during one of his first Zwift sessions 4 years ago. One lap of Watopia flat!