With many of us riding and running only indoors due to coronavirus-related restrictions, the topic of Zwift’s “Working from Home” (formerly “Unemployed”) achievement badge is popping up regularly. This is the badge awarded when you (as Zwift says), “Ride a lap 14 days in a row”.

Lots of questions surround this badge, including:

  • How far do you have to go in order for Zwift to count your activity for the day?
  • Can you get the achievement by running?
  • When is the time cutoff each day?
  • How many XP do I get for the achievement?

Here are some answers – a few of which aren’t definitive. We invite your comments below if you can provide more definitive information than we’ve got here!

Note: this info also applies to the “Habitual” (3 days in a row) and “Addicted” (7 days in a row) badges.

How Far?

While Zwift’s official line from the forums (and this support post) is 10km, testing shows the limit to be 5km in a single activity. Zwifter Dave Higgins recently received the Working from Home badge, and posted his ride log as proof that 5km in a day will get you the badge:

Ride “A Lap”?

The badge says “Ride a lap 14 days in a row” but clearly that text needs to be updated. No lap of anything is required – it appears to be strictly distance-based. Also, “riding” isn’t required at all… which brings us to:

Does Running Count?

Yes. The limit for runners appears to be 5km in a single activity, just like cyclists. (It’s possibly even lower, but know it’s not higher than 5km.)

Time Cutoff

According to Zwift support, the 24-hour window in which you must do each day’s activity is based on your local time. So if you ride at 6 am one day, then 10 pm the next day – those should count as two activities on consecutive days. (See Dave’s ride above on Sunday March 29th at 9:26 am and the next ride 33 hours later on Monday at 18:45 as proof.)

Again: just an educated guess. But probably, if your activity shows up on a particular day in the guest world calendar (see orange sections around days) then it will be applied to that day for the purposes of the Working from Home achievement badge.

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XP Bonus

We’re waiting to hear back from Zwift on this one, but it appears the XP awarded for these achievements is minimal (50 XP) or nothing at all. This post will be updated when we receive a more definitive answer. (If you know the answer, share below!)

When Do I Get the Badge?

Here’s one that confuses a lot of Zwifters! You get the badge at the start of your first activity after the one which achieved the goal.

So on your 14th day’s first activity, you won’t get the Working from Home badge. But if you save that activity, then start another one, the badge should pop right up. A bit silly and confusing, but there you have it!

Questions or Comments

We hope this answers a lot of your questions about these badges. Got more questions or comments? Post below! (Note: we aren’t Zwift support. If you think you should have gotten the badge, but haven’t, reaching out to us via comments or email isn’t going to fix anything.)