A 5-stage tour of Zwift’s just-launched New York City course begins today. Judging by past tours, these group rides are bound to be very popular, with hundreds of riders participating in each event. (I rode the first stage this morning with 671 others!)

Some riders will treat each event like a race, but these are simply group rides. My advice: find a pack you can hang with, and enjoy the ride.

Fresh Kit

Finish all five stages to unlock the Tour of New York kit for keeps. (You’ll receive an email notifying you of completion and when you can expect to see the fresh kit in your locker by November 9.)

Event Schedule and Routes

Here is the tour schedule–click a particular day to read Zwift’s detailed writeups for each route. (The details about how each route was conceived and the sites you may see are quite interesting!)

Read more about the Tour of NY here >