Top 5 Zwift Play Videos: What the Creators Have to Say

After the release of Zwift’s Play Controllers, many are wondering whether it is a worthy purchase. We’ve selected 5 reviews/hands-on experiences from content creators around the globe to help you decide and learn more about the product.

Zwift Play Controllers Review: Is It Worth It? (Smart Bike Trainers)

Tariq provides his thoughts on the controllers after some hands-on experience. He also gives a run-down of the features this device brings to the platform.

Zwift Play Controllers Review (ZRace Central)

Oli Chi reviews the Zwift Play Controllers after using them quite a bit. He covers the functions of the controllers, hands-on experience, and ultimately answers whether it is worth the purchase.

Zwift Play Controllers // Steering, Braking, and Full Control of Zwift! (DesFit)

Des from DesFit goes over his experience with the controllers, along with some of his thoughts and feature requests.

Zwift Play Controller Review: Surprisingly Useful! (DCRainmaker)

Ray provides a full review of the Play Controllers including setup, a demonstration of the functions, and ultimately his final thoughts.

Zwift Play Controllers: First Live Gameplay! (Nathan Guerra)

Looking to see what it looks like to use the controllers in Zwift? Nathan provides the first-ever livestream with the controllers and talks through the functions, steering strategies, and more!

Honorable Mention: New Hardware from Zwift // Zwift Play Controller (GPLama)

We featured this video last week, however, it is a well-made review of the product that deserves to be in this post. In this video, Shane installs, tests, and reviews the controllers.

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Oli Chi
Oli Chi
Oliver is a Zwift enthusiast who spends lots of time riding and racing on Zwift. While much of Oliver's time is spent being a kid, he manages to make time to create content about Zwift on his blog and YouTube channel ZRace Central.
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