Top 5 Zwift Videos: Heavy Cyclists, High Zwifting, and Epic Rides

Top 5 Zwift Videos: Heavy Cyclists, High Zwifting, and Epic Rides

In our Top 5 Zwift Videos this week, one Zwifter shares his advice for his fellow cyclists who are heavier than average. Two others embark on rides of more than 100 kilometers, and another demonstrates a race tactic in events with combined categories. And in a video from GCN, see what happens when two cyclists climb Alpe du Zwift as they “climb” in elevation!

What do you need to know if you are an obese, fat, or heavy cyclist.

Melvin Tan offers some tips for the Clydesdales and Athenas in cycling, based on his own experience.

GCN Get High | Cycling The Highest Road In The World On Zwift!

Connor Dunne and Alex Paton with Global Cycling Network climb the Alpe du Zwift in an altitude chamber to see how it affects them. Then they try again, but this time they lower the oxygen to simulate the highest paved road in the world!

Epic 11 hour 234km Zwift Ride

Follow along with Jim Wild as he rides 234 kilometers on Zwift in 11 hours. (Strong language warning, which isn’t a surprise with that kind of effort!)

I rode 262km on ZWIFT!

Another long ride! This time, Yota B pedals for 262 kilometers and shows off a bit of his indoor training setup.

Surfing Wheels with Cat B Riders //LaGuardia Loop Points Race // Zwift Race Strategy

It’s a controversial race strategy, but it often comes into play in races with combined categories. Caedmon Cycling demonstrates the benefit of grabbing the wheels of stronger riders who are passing you.

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Karissa is a freelance writer and cycling enthusiast. She also volunteers and serves as an advisor for a community bike center called The Pedal Factory. She and her husband, an avid cyclist, live in North Carolina with their two birds, who have not yet learned how to ride a bike.

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