Top 5 Zwift Videos: Mind Tricks, New Categories, and Race Analysis

Top 5 Zwift Videos: Mind Tricks, New Categories, and Race Analysis

This week’s Top 5 Zwift Videos start out with some mind tricks to help you get through your next tough workout, ride, or race. Then get a glimpse of a new system that automatically assigns race categories, which you’ll get to try out in the 2021 Zwift Classics. Finally, watch some race analysis to help you sprint better and get back after being dropped!

5 Mental Tricks to get you through the toughest Zwift sessions

Sometimes, getting through a hard workout is more about what’s going on in your head than your body. Peter Meffan (Pedalling Squares) gives some handy mental tricks to keep you riding to the finish!

Zwift Racing – Auto Assigned 6 Category System Testing. Is this the end of sandbagging?

Cycling Boss takes a look at the test races for a new auto-assigned category system, which will be used in the Zwift Classics. (Click here for more information about this system, developed by WTRL and Zwift.)

Zwift Racing’s Hard!

Karl Lawton was skeptical of Zwift racing but finally tried it. What did he think of it, and what did he learn?

Analyzing Zwift Sprint Finishes // Tips and Breakdown of 7 Sprints at Crit City

Caedmon Cycling analyzes seven sprint finishes from his Zwift C-category races to pick out tips for himself and for you.

How to get dropped in Zwift race and still get back to leaders

Getting dropped in Zwift races is never a good sign, but sometimes you can come back to the group with the help of the terrain, other riders, and smart use of energy. Si Bradeley breaks down one of his Season 3 races from the Zwift Racing League as an example.

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