Top 5 Zwift Videos: Training Targets, Losing Races, and Zwifting Outdoors

Top 5 Zwift Videos: Training Targets, Losing Races, and Zwifting Outdoors

Our Top 5 Zwift Videos this week include tips for setting effective targets for your training, a new Zwifter taking a ramp test, an experiment in Zwifting outside, and a celebration of earning the Tron bike. Also see a tip for how to lose a race in Zwift! Yep, that’s right…

Is training without a TARGET pointless? | Plus Zwift’s FOUR HORSEMEN

Mark Lewis talks about the importance of defining targets for your training while working toward bigger goals. Then he demonstrates on Zwift’s challenging Four Horsemen route. To keep himself on target, he picks a time to beat, finds a video of another Zwifter riding the route around that time, and “races” him!

Zwift ramp test lite: Unfit noob tries FTP test (100lb weight loss journey)

Sam Flynn shares her weight loss and fitness journey before trying Zwift’s Ramp Test Lite – for the third time in a week. She wasn’t happy with how the first two tries went, but as it turns out, the third time was the charm!

Sherpa Dave’s guide to losing a race in Zwift

We’ve featured a lot of race analysis videos, but here’s one with a different angle. Sherpa Dave shows us how to lose a Zwift race based on his own experience.

Can You Use Zwift Outside?

Dave Noakes admits that it’s silly, but he’s always wondered whether it would work to ride on Zwift outdoors. Watch to see what happens!

New Bike Day – Zwift Concept Z1

This is a simple video, but a satisfying one, as “The Fat Triathlete” conveys the pleasures of earning the “Tron bike”!

Got a Great Zwift Video?

Share the link below and we may feature it in an upcoming post!

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Karissa is a freelance writer and cycling enthusiast. She also volunteers and serves as an advisor for a community bike center called The Pedal Factory. She and her husband, an avid cyclist, live in North Carolina with their two birds, who have not yet learned how to ride a bike.

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17 days ago

Am I missing something here? Dave lost the race, because Dave wanted to make a video about doing a group ride during a race?

16 days ago

Is it a joke? Just ride your damn bike!

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