Top 5 Zwift Videos: Tour de Zwift, Apple TV Tip, and Ramp Testing

Top 5 Zwift Videos: Tour de Zwift, Apple TV Tip, and Ramp Testing

This week’s Top 5 videos feature two Tour de Zwift participants who use this event as a personal challenge. Whether you’re at the front of the field or the back, you can find something – or someone – to motivate you. Then, DC Rainmaker shares an accessory that could make it easier for you to Zwift with Apple TV! Finally, make your indoor training a little more comfortable before taking a ramp test.


Linda Messinger (“Zwifting With Granny”) has a bad start to a Tour de Zwift stage, but she keeps on going even when she’s alone. Then she finds a small group to ride with after a few miles. Every time she thinks they’ll drop her, she digs deep, and she manages to stay with them until the finish!

Tour De Zwift | Stage one | Cycling CB

The Tour de Zwift is in full swing, and Junior Zwifter “Cycling CB” is excited to get started! (We can’t blame him for getting confused about whether it’s a group ride or a race. There are no official race events in the tour this year, but there are steady-paced “Rookie Rides.”)

Quick Tip: Best $8 Zwift Apple TV Accessory

If you Zwift with Apple TV, you probably have some… opinions about the Apple TV remote. Fitness tech expert DC Rainmaker found a cheap accessory that could make your experience better.

6 Tips for Ultimate Comfort and Power on Zwift!

Indoor training can be more uncomfortable than riding your bike outside. Katie Kookaburra has some advice to help you keep feeling good, even during long sessions.

Zwift’s Ramp FTP Test – Overview, Guide, and Review

Ready to take a ramp test and set your Functional Threshold Power (FTP)? Michael Taber gives a clear explanation and walkthrough of what this test is and how it works.

Got a Great Zwift Video?

Share the link below and we may feature it in an upcoming post!

About The Author

Karissa Minn

Karissa is a freelance writer and cycling enthusiast. She also volunteers and serves as an advisor for a community bike center called The Pedal Factory. She and her husband, an avid cyclist, live in North Carolina with their two birds, who have not yet learned how to ride a bike.

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Daniel Strigberger
Daniel Strigberger (@danstrigberger)
1 month ago

Regarding the 6 comfort tips video, I’m interested to know more about raising the front wheel a bit. In doing so, would I also need to make other adjustments to the bike fit to adjust to the slight raise, or is the idea to raise the wheel to compliment the existing fit and make riding more comfortable?

1 month ago

I think the point is to make the front wheel level with the back (or where the back would be based on the positioning of the cassette on a direct drive trainer). Essentially, it mimics the fit you would have on the road. Without a riser, the bike is usually positioned at a slight downhill.

Mac Weelz
Mac Weelz (@wongsol)
1 month ago

At the moment, the video linked in the FTP test area takes you to a video about virtual gearing vs. IRL gearing.

Carolyn Audilet
Carolyn Audilet (@caudilet)
1 month ago
Reply to  Mac Weelz

How did I miss your comment before posting mine?? 😂

Carolyn Audilet
Carolyn Audilet (@caudilet)
1 month ago

The fifth video link was to Patrick Lino discussing Trainer Difficulty and gearing. Not much to do with the Ramp Test or Michael Taber.

Linda Messinger
Linda Messinger (@lmessinger)
1 month ago

I’m totally honored. I had not seen this until a couple of days ago. Thank you so much for watching it and using it in your article.

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