Race Recap – Morning Grind Fondo Jan 16, 2019

This is already an interesting race recap in itself. But the guy has a mechanical. He captures the frustration nicely. Ever thought if Zwift DNFs are better or worse than outdoor ones?

Kinetic Traxle Axle Review and Installation

Not all turbo trainers work with thru-axles. If you have the trainer you want, and the bike that you love, Kinetic has developed a thru-axle that (should) make it work. Here’s a short review.

CVRcade Cycling First Impressions (Zwift Competitor)

In keeping with tradition, we appreciate to shed a spotlight on other training platforms out there. CVRcade is the newest kid on the block. Here’s what you may expect to see if you manage to earn a spot in their beta program.

Winter Team Racing League / First Big Win

Another cool race recap video. Illustrates how C races often work out. It’s especially great for those who haven’t done much racing but are interested in picking it up.

Xert can tell you what’s left in the tank?!

Last week, we had that video on FTP testing. And then there are all these debates about how useful FTP even is as a number. Xert is one of the strongest challengers to FTP testing. Here’s a deeper look at the platform and what’s in it for you.