How to Fail & Succeed at a Zwift FTP Test

Ever messed up an FTP test? Oh yeah, I’ve done it. Paul The Punter has done it, too. But he also managed to bounce back from that and nail it. This really is a must-see video if you want to improve your FTP testing.

Zwift RunPod Review

It has been some time that we featured content for our runners. For compensation, this is a big one. Stephen Cousins of Film My Run has delivered an extensive and awesome review of the Zwift Run Pod. If you want to run on Zwift, this is about the least expensive way to go.

Zwift 4 Week Booster Review

All hardware reviews ultimately serve one purpose: find the best equipment to support your training. But how should you train? What kind of results can we expect when following Zwift’s training plans? Brian Davis has the answer.

VIKING LIFE -2.0- (Kickoff) “Coffee + Zwift”

Most of the top videos give you some sort of information. No, this one doesn’t. It’s just really a beautiful video. Nice kickoff to Zwift vlogging for Eric Lagerstrom.

How I decide between TrainerRoad, Zwift, Sufferfest

With all the different training platforms out there, many of us actually subscribe to concurrent platforms. Each of them has different advantages. Meet Christie Brinker who explains how she pairs each platform with specific training needs.