Alpe Du Zwift has Arrived!

If you’ve been paying attention at all you already know Alpe Du Zwift was released last week… but it’s always a big deal when we get new roads, so we’re featuring the release video from Zwift.

Meet 2017 Zwift Academy Winner, Tanja Erath

Zwift Academy was one of the highlights of the early trainer season. How is Tanja Erath doing now that she’s actually starting her first year as a professional?

CVR World Cup Los Angeles – Men’s Elite Finals

CVR held their big final in Los Angeles last weekend at the Olympic Velodrome. Zwift Insider’s Eric Schlange was there and put together this post about the final day. Here is the race broadcast.

First Time Trying Zwift Cycling

While people are ending their season on Zwift, others are just getting started. Some newbies begin with so much excitement that it’s a pleasure to watch! Samuel Keene has just joined the Zwift community. Who else is cycling on their balcony?

Making Zwift Better on a 1x Drivetrain

Does Zwift work with a 1x drive train? It does, but Gravel Cycling has some recommendations on how to make it a smooth experience.