Zwift Watopia 3 Years Later: Split Screen Comparison

This is one of my favorite Zwift videos of the winter. One lap around Watopia… how have things changed in three years of continuous development? If Zwift is a metaphor of how human settlements replace nature, they have nailed it.

Zwift Nationals Hype

Last weekend was all about the Zwift Nationals. I missed them (couldn’t resist spring temperatures), but enjoyed watching many of the live streams later. Many participants fought hard to get their jersey. Congratulations to all of them.

Jesper Raced the Mountain

We love your race emotions. Jesper lets us feel how really it was to participate in that hard race up the epic KOM. Lots of suffering, and then lots of pride.

Elite Drivo Smart Trainer Review

Tacx Neo or Wahoo Kickr? Or something else? Here you go: consider the Elite Drivo as well. Thanks to Ronald Kuba fo his pesonal review of the trainer.

What Program to Use for Reading Power Data

You use smart trainer or power meter, so you get lots of power data. But what do you do with it? And WHERE do you study it? This overview includes Wattboards, Strava (with Stravistix) and Golden Cheetah.