Tiny Race Series – March 18 Routes and Last Week’s Results

This week we’ve got a fun selection of Scotland routes that have never been raced before! But first, we wanted to share some of our favorite Tiny Race content, plus last week’s results.

Phillip Lovett (Bike Racing Without Mercy) recently shared this video with us, along with this note: “I got badly injured in a bike crash in May 2022, and gradually made my way back to fitness, with the final block of training basically comprising your wonderful Tiny Races each week plus one other Zwift race and then a single structured workout (was very busy at work – so not much time to train). It worked brilliantly…”

Well done, Phil, and we’re happy to provide, as you said, an “Uplifting yet disgusting VO2 max challenge”.

Secondly, check out this fun tweet from GeneralElost:

Last Week’s Results

Overall Winners

Zone 1 (9am UTC)

A: Ryota Yamazaki (NeXT pb Enshored)
B: Allan Myhré (SWE)
C: Zaqqri Zylde22
D: Robin Baelemans (BZR)

Zone 2 (3pm UTC)

A: Travis Samuel (WLC)
B: Rainer Beckers (WattFabrik)
C: Guillaume Laforest (Optimum)
D: Alex Kroll

Zone 3 (9pm UTC)

A: Brian Duffy Jr (NeXT pb Enshored)*
B: Gregory “Goose” Pilgrim (DIRT)
C: Joseph Trotman (RYB)
D: PapaBroda

* Brian Duffy Jr tied with Stu Turner (AHDR) in points, but Brian gets the overall win since he had more first-place finishes.

Women’s Winners

Zone 1 (9am UTC)

A: Elyse Gallegos (CrushPod)
B: Polona Itkin (AEO)
C: Julia Brook (EVO)
D: Julie Brownbill (BAKPDL)

Zone 2 (3pm UTC)

A: none
B: Sophie Giovane (Team Castelli pb Elite)
C:Josée Rossignol [=(AEO)
D: Helén Freytag (CK Wano)

Zone 3 (9pm UTC)

A: none
B: Anna Rogers (REVO)
C: Kat Salthouse (ATP)
D: Lee Darling (GXY)

This Week’s Routes: Bonnie Scotland

To celebrate Scotland being open to free riding, Meetups, and Club events, we’re holding this week’s Tiny Races in Scotland! The first three races feature custom-length routes you’ve never seen before, while the last race is a Tiny Race repeat.

  • Race 1: The Muckle Yin (6km, ending at Breakaway Brae Rev banner)
    Start in Glasgow, then wind your way up the Cliffs before hitting the Corkscrew Castle and Breakaway Brae Rev climbs in quick succession.
    • Powerup: Feather (2x)
  • Race 2: City and the Sgurr (5.188km, ending at Sgurr Summit South banner)
    We all know a gravel bike is the best choice on City and the Sgurr, but what if it’s a custom-length route that ends on the paved side of the climb?
    • Powerup: (Draft Boost 2x)
  • Race 3: Loch Loop (6.2km, ending at Corkscrew Castle entrance)
    Racers know this loop well already, but not this finish line. It’s another 1-2 punch with back-to-back short climbs!
    • Powerup: (Aero Boost 2x)
  • Race 4: Glasgow Crit Circuit (2 laps, 6km)
    We wrap up our all-Scotland week with two hard laps of the crit course. Brace yourself for big attacks on The Clyde Kicker, dial in your aero timing (you’ve got lots of them), and make sure you time that final sprint just right.
    • Powerup: Aero Boost (6x)

Sign up at zwift.com/events/tag/tinyraces

ZwiftPower Results

Zwift displays preliminary race results in game when you cross the line, but points are computed after all four races are finished, with final results on ZwiftPower. (We have to do some data processing on our side to compute results, so if your rankings don’t show up right away, be patient.)

Riders will earn points based on finish position in each of the 4 Tiny Races. The category winner of each week’s series is the rider with the most points across their timezone’s 4 races. Here are the links for each timezone’s results on ZwiftPower:


Tiny Race rules are simple, but still every week 8-10% of registered ZwiftPower racers get disqualified and removed from the final results. Don’t let that be you! Four races, four rules:

  • You must have a ZwiftPower account, because final results are processed by ZwiftPower (learn how to sign up)
  • No skipping then returning. These races are meant to be raced as a set of 4. If you need to leave early, that’s fine… but once you miss a race in your hour’s set of 4, don’t come back and race another or you’ll be disqualified from that race since you rested while others were racing! (Example: racing only races 1 and 2 is fine. Racing 1, 2, and 4 is not – you will be DQ from race 4. And if you race 2, 3, and 4, you’ll be DQ from all those races, since you skipped race 1!)
  • Heart rate monitors are required for podium finishers
  • ZPower/Virtual power is not allowed. Smart trainer/smart bike or power meter required.

Pack Dynamics v4 Testing Continues

We’ve been using Zwift’s experimental Pack Dynamics v4 since the first weekend in March, and will continue to do so.

Got feedback on PD4 after your Tiny Races? Share it on this forum topic.

Join a Chat & Chill Cooldown

Immediately following each hour’s racing, we’ve scheduled 30-minute “Chat & Chill” events where riders from all categories can spin their legs together and chat about how it all went down. Find them at zwift.com/events/tag/tinyraces.

Questions or Comments

Post below!

Eric Schlange
Eric Schlangehttp://www.zwiftinsider.com
Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava


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Michael Boardman
Michael Boardman
8 months ago

Hi Eric,

Will Zone 2 be at 10:00 or 11:00 EST?

8 months ago

Looking forward to another weekend of tiny races (even if they are a bit on the lumpy side).

Quick question, did you mean for the power-up for Race #4 to be anvil? It’s showing aero x6 but you mentioned anvils in your description.

8 months ago

Hi Eric
I participated the 25/2-2023 all 4 races, however I can’t find my name in the overall ranking? Is there a reason for that?
Great race events by the way 🙂 so thanks for organizing.

8 months ago

Rainer Beckers (WattFabrik) is cat A in zp
why him can be champion in cat B?

Benjapol Piyawanichpong
Benjapol Piyawanichpong
8 months ago
Reply to  Paalao

Yes “grand champion” in zwiftracing app. Feel like a big sandbagger along with broken zwift caterory enforcement system, to be able to enter B…

8 months ago
Reply to  Paalao

If he has the decency to race in A he might too find the ability to instantly put out 4.6wlg for 20 mins like his team mate Chris hoezl

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